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Jan 7, 2010 | India

Loren and I spent New Year’s Eve in the air and have now arrived safely in India.  It was a less than pleasurable flight.  The new security measures are haphazardly implemented and the weather also made flying difficult. Sitting on the tarmac for an hour to have the plane deiced in the middle of the night is no fun.

The visit was a complete surprise to everyone except the General Director of Prakash who picked us up at the airport in Nagpur. He told his wife that he was going to the airport to pick us up but she didn’t believe him, so when we arrived at their home for coffee on the way to Prakash (custom deems this as a necessary duty) she was in her nightgown and robe and totally taken aback .to see us at her door. But in accordance with Indian custom she graciously served us tea and biscuits.

All the decorations are still up for the Christmas and Diwali, so everything looks very festive.  Joy, the General Director told us that he had invited four tribal boy students who had no place to go during the Christmas holidays to attend a church related event.  The boys said they would love to go, BUT they had no clothes appropriate for church.  How sad that there is a dress code for church, but these boys are extremely poor and are barely clothed appropriately for classes. I wish that we had the funds to provide uniforms for all students.  Anyway, Joy felt led to call a recent PBI alumnus working in Nagpur and told him the circumstances. The young man called another alumnus and together they bought and delivered complete outfits for all four students.

Praise the Lord; this is what Prakash is all about.  Helping the needy, not just family.  Indians are very good about helping their families, but no one outside the family.
This information truly made our hearts overflow with happiness.

Prakash is making a difference and a less than pleasurable trip is worth the effort.
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