Yeah! Generator is Here

Feb 20, 2010 | India

Finally, finally the generator has arrived.  I am going to attempt to give you the play-by-play of the delivery process and I am NOT kidding, this is how it actually happened.

The generator was manufactured in a city about two-day’s drive from Nagpur.  When it was ready for conveyance, it was then placed on a lorry (truck) for a straight through delivery.  After about a day’s drive the lorry driver gets an “emergency” mobile call.  (Let me tell you, if you think a soccer mom, driving an SUV, while talking on her cell phone is dangerous, a lorry driver is a 100 percent worse.)  Anyway, he parks the lorry and takes off, WITH THE KEYS! The sales company is panicked and is in constant contact because we are putting the pressure on.  By this time they are way out of our contract agreement.

At long last, another driver is sent to the location with another set of keys.  The new driver travels with our precious cargo only about 60 miles down the highway, an oxymoron if ever there was one, and the lorry breaks down.  Being a conscientious driver he leaves the lorry ON the highway and diligently places Indian flares (Actually, flares are simply rocks) around the vehicle.  He then calls his boss.  Eventually, a mechanic is sent to the breakdown location.  For two days the mechanic tries to repair the lorry ON the road, ultimately deciding the lorry is beyond repair.  The decision is then made to send yet another lorry to retrieve the generator.  A crane also needs to be procured.  This lorry is new and has a sign across the back, “Don’t be jealous, it is still on loan.”  I kid you not!

This third lorry driver is also the owner so after the generator is loaded he decides that it is not prudent to drive all the way to Nagpur half empty.  Surly there is enough room to haul a large load of 50-gallon oil drums.

At long last, the yearn for generator arrives in Nagpur, BUT it is at the front of the lorry, the oil drums needing to be unloaded first.  Guess what??? It is a “koolie” holiday.  Honest to goodness. No one could be found willing to unload the drums.  We could see the generator, smell the generator, but could not obtain the generator.

Creatively thinking, our General Director, hired a crane operator who would not only take our generator off the lorry, but also unload the oil drums.  After much to-do, the lorry and crane arrived on campus.

This was not an easy task to retrieve generator off the lorry and place it in the newly prepared location, especially, without destroying trees and buildings in the process.  Of course, everyone had to come for a look-see and be the expert.  The gaggle of people shouting directions, with arms waving was hysterical to watch. There were times as I was snapping photos, my nerves atingle, and heart pumping; I feared that the roof was going to be smashed or a cable splinter.

Loren stood, with arms folded, wondering,  “Do we have to pay extra for the dents?”  Hoping that “Murphy’s Law” was not still in effect, he immediately asked the maintenance guys to fill the generator with diesel and start the much-needed new piece of equipment.

Lookie here—a new working generator at Prakash!

A celebration /dedication will take place and “sweets” distributed.  Padmaker’s hands are just itching to say the prayer of thanksgiving.  Words really cannot express, to all of you, our deep appreciation for this wonderful gift.  What a God-kiss you have been.

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