Report from Nupi (Admin. of RGI)

Sep 24, 2010 | India, Ruth Girls Institute

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“I came to work as the housemother had to leave for home for some reason, so I took the girls to chapel. The cook lady that works at RGI is working on daily wages. So if she takes leave during the weekdays she compensates by working on Sunday. She came to work and joined us in Chapel. Later when we returned to RGI the cook lady went into the kitchen to work and I started working on the kitchen garden with a few girls. Suddenly a girl came to me and told, Madam please come fast our “Maushi” which means auntie the cook lady fell down in the kitchen. She had slipped and fallen in the kitchen with the milk vessel in her hand she was all drenched in milk from head to toe. She had hurt her knee. The girls immediately heated water (this mean building a wood fire outside and putting a large kettle on it) for her to bathe. We also put some spray on knee and let her rest until evening. The girls gathered around their maushi saying ” Maushi God protected you, what if the milk was hot, what if you had fallen on the gas or hurt your head?” They cared for her all day long.

A week later she came to me and said Madam can I attend chapel with the girls regularly? I asked her why do you want to attend chapel, she said, “I have been thinking over what the girls said to me and I think indeed what would have had happened if God’s protection was not with me. I want to know more about Jesus. I will come when I can.” Remember the cook lady is not a believer.

This lady finds it difficult to come every Sunday but wants to know about Jesus, so we have started staff prayer fellowship every morning at RGI just for her.

She talked to me yesterday and said I am learning to pray now for my husband who keeps unwell. I want to follow Jesus because he doesn’t demand anything from us no flowers, no fasting. Only he wants us to believe and trust in him.”

PBI Report from recent newsletter

Vet-Med Ministries Report

Dr. Suresh says, “Nadagomukh is doing very fine, along with Sunday school I am getting chance on every Sunday to sit and talk with some college young people. We are having good fellowship and as they all are new cultured talk very openly and really its challenge and fun to interact with them. Also I am sharing Christianity with our security mans parents as they want to get Baptized. Please do pray for this old couple and their new faith. ( This is the man who received a pair of goats at Christmas.)

Vasantha is doing marvelous job he and his wife have finished 7 chapters of John translating in their language.

He is taking his wife for tailoring classes two days a week. Conner (I got to name this baby born to Vasantha’s sister while Loren was in India in May) is the center of attraction in village by his name.”

Church News

One of the Prakash for India church plants in Nagpur is holding a year long Bible School and also a shorter course in Leadership training. This makes for a very busy Pastor. Loren is excited that they are using Dennis Mock’s study guides. Loren is in a weekly Bible study that is lead by Dennis. Keep these faithful partners in your prayers.

Again we thank you for your prayers and support

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