The Gifts that Keep on Giving

Feb 12, 2011 | India, Prakash Boys Institute

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One of the things I will miss most about not being able to go to India now, is that we will miss seeing some of the people who are receiving the wonderful Christmas gifts of chickens, goats, cows, and sewing machines. Your generosity was… to put it mildly… OVERWHELMNG!!! Not all of the gifts have been given as of yet and as the stories come in I will endeavor to give you an inside peek at how lives are being changed by your bigheartedness.

Dr. Suresh is in charge of finding the needy who will receive the animals and here is the first recipient’s story.

“Once again it was really fun for me to go to several villages to select the proper pair of goats. There is so much inbreeding, that it takes many trips for me to find quality goats from different villages. I selected one female whose delivery due- date was close, along with a six-month male from a separate village. After giving each animal a series of vaccinations, I arranged for transportation to the village called Sychar, which is on the western side of Nagpur.

Suryakant is a very poor young man from this village who is unemployed. In 2005 through our Self-Reliant Training he studied Goat Keeping. But because of his parents poverty he was unable to start something of his own. Now he is very happy to have such wonderful gift. No one in his life has ever been so caring. (While doing his Self-Reliant Training, he also studied Starting Point and now knows about Jesus and His love.)

After reaching the Sychar village, the female goat gave birth to female kid. Suryakant and his parents are so happy that their happiness is beyond words.

I am really thankful to you and God’s loving people who share their love through this precious gift that will make one family self-reliant in future.”

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