Pot Explosion!

Apr 16, 2011 | India

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NO…NO…NO…not that kind of pot!!! This explosion was a presser cooker. Due to the fact of the poor quality of foodstuffs and the price of cooking gas (propane), most Indian food is prepared in a pressure cooker.

Here is the story of the explosion that I will let Nupi tell:

“My hands are still shivering as I write this. God has again really showed us that His protection is upon us. At 10 am this morning the cook lady was cooking lunch in the RGI kitchen and L… our assistant to the Dress Making teacher was also with her.

The cook lady had put some dal (yellow split lentil) in the pressure cooker and then continued her work in the kitchen. She went out in the wash area to wash some utensils and L… had walked out into the storeroom. Suddenly there was a big KABOOM noise and the cook lady turned around to see the pressure cooker lid had flown off with pressure and it fell on the other side of the kitchen with a bang, splattering HOT dal everywhere, even on the ceiling.

The housemother ran to see, what happened. She called me in the office and I ran to see what happened, my mind was filled with all kinds of fear concerning the cook lady’s safety. Thankfully, when I reached the kitchen I saw both ladies were safe. How I praise God for His continuous hand of protection on all the students and staff at RGI. The gas stove was damaged because of this explosion.

This is amazing…L… told me that only moments before, she was sitting exactly on the spot where the lid fell. Isn’t our God good!! Please join us as we praise our Lord for His protection.”

Loren is so grateful now that he paid the extra money, at the time of construction, to have all the walls in the kitchen tiled to the ceiling. When he asked Nupi how they were able to clean up the mess, suggesting that maybe the monkeys should be called in. This was Nupi’s reply: “Yes it was a very big mess, but our daughters at RGI can climb up exactly like monkeys when it comes to cleaning. They had it really clean by noon.

I forgot to share with you a little conversation that I had with R…(a young PBI/RGI staff member) after the pressure cooker accident. R… came in the hostel to repair something and he came to me and said, “What madam? Something keeps happening at RGI all the time…this cooker accident, snakes, monkeys, etc.” I said, “You are not praying enough for RGI.” He said, “No, I pray for RGI all the time.” I asked, “What do you pray for?” And he said, “I pray that Lord please bless RGI abundantly, because when RGI is blessed the blessings will automatically flow to PBI. RGI is very important.”
That really tickled me

Ladies, this cook prepares food for 38 girls three times a day on that little two-burner propane stove. How would you like to cook for just your family on such a small stove? We are so blessed in America.

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