Joy’s Wreck

Apr 19, 2011 | India

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Joy and his family went to Akola a city beyond Amravati on Thursday evening to attend a relative’s funeral. As they were returning to Prakash on Saturday, a truck carrying explosives was trying to overtake a line of other lorries and hit Joy’s Tata Victa almost head-on, flipping the car around perpendicular to the truck.

People who were passing rushed to help the stunned family, removing them out of the car. (Joy also had his nephew with them). Joy did call the India emergency number and the police arrived fairly quickly for India.

Vigilante justice Indian style took over… Padmaker said,

“The mob washed their hands and beat the driver of the lorry. This is our method to show sympathy to the people who are injured in the accident.”

Meanwhile, a Christian lady, known to us, and her son were traveling by Maharashtra State bus towards Nagpur. Because of this accident the bus slowed down and she peeked through the window and saw Joy, Meenu and the children standing by the roadside. She called her husband to give this news and then her husband called Padmaker.

Padmakar without delay called Joy’s phone and Joash picked up the phone, confirming that indeed they had truly had a car accident. Then Padmaker called some family members living in Amravati and asked them to hurry to the accident site…they were so much closer to the accident. (What would we do without Padmaker?)

Right away, five staff members including Padmaker crammed into Suresh’s car and rushed for the accident location, not knowing how badly the family was hurt.

When the Amravati family members reached the accident scene they took Joy and his family to the Amravati hospital. There are no ambulances for these rural-areas.

Later, as the Prakash staff members passed the accident site and saw the state of the car and were very worried about everyone. Joy’s Tata Victa was badly damaged. If one would look at the vehicle he would think the passengers must be seriously hurt.

Upon reaching Amravati they praised God that no one was badly hurt. “All had a fresh breath of life.” Joy is hurt on the forehead and right shoulder. Meenu is hurt on the forehead, which is swollen, with some blood and water coming out of her nose. The doctor did a scan of her head and every thing is normal. She is staying in the hospital under observation for one night Mahima was hurt on her back a little bit. Joash is unhurt and Joy’s brothers son has a hurt ankle. They are all moving and talking, but are in a state of shock.

We really praise God that no one has major injuries.

Due to the fact that there are virtually no tow trucks in India, “Indian flares” (rocks) are placed around the vehicles until they can be moved or repaired on the spot. Premdas and Vipul, two more Prakash staff, went with the Prakash Armada to tow the damaged vehicle to Amravati. (Amravati is about 100 miles from Prakash)

A police complaint has been lodged and the insurance company has also been informed. MAYBE the insurance company will compensate for the damages.

When Joy and his family are in a position to come back to Nagpur another Prakash car will be sent to Amravati to bring them home.

Please uphold this family in your prayers. Praise God for his protection for the entire Prakash family. This kind of accident is Loren’s worst fear for our staff.

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