Christmas Cows Update

Jun 20, 2011 | India

I asked Dr. Suresh to give us an update on how the cows you all gave for Christmas are doing. So here is his report:

“Kishor Bagde: On 3rd of this month I visited Umari to meet Kishor and see how he is progressing in his milk business.

I felt very happy to see the development in his milk business. He has been saving some money from his income and has managed to buy three local cows for expansion of his business.

His parents and the village people are very pleased about his progress. He spends his days watering and feeding his herd.

When I reached the village nearly 20 young people gathered around me and told me that even they want to learn dairy like Kishor. They really appreciated the help given by us. Of course, they would love free cows. Kishor attended our Vet-Med Self- Reliant training and went through the Starting Point program before he was ever considered for such a wonderful gift.

I took this opportunity to talk to them and the reason behind the gift, that it is because of the love of God and people who show that love. I am really thankful for this wonderful occasion. Kishor also shared about his development and truly thanked all of us for such a good source of income for him.

He was very delighted for the tremendous help he received to initiate his milk business. I hope he makes good progress in this and will become an example for other villagers.

I will continue to check on his progress and maybe someday some of the other young men in the village will attend Self-Reliant training and hear about Jesus through the Starting Point course.”

I will keep you all informed and will continue to try and write interesting and meaningful stories about India.

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