A Goat or Education?

Aug 17, 2011 | Vet-Med Outreach

I know some of you have been waiting for a report on the goats given at Christmas. Here is
Dr. Suresh’s report on one family that received goats. At first my reaction was, “Oh NO!!! How could she???” BUT then it dawned on me; this is such a valuable thing to have her children educated. Schooling is NOT totally free in India. Even in the public schools there is a financial outlay for the parents for fees, books and uniforms. When you are as poor as this woman you simply cannot afford to pay these expenses. Read this precious report and rejoice.

“Since many days I am trying to meet Surekha and her family, but these days being busy for her I could not meet them. Today I changed my tactic and went very early in the morning. When I reached there they were busy in getting ready for school and work. Like any mother she had to comb her daughters hair.

After taking some pictures and after children went to school I asked her how she was doing? She very happily replied, “The reason for the happiness in my house is my children are going to school. It is all because of the goats given to me. I didn’t have money to admit my children in the school and buy books, bags and uniforms, but then I sold two kids of the goats given by you and used the money to put my children in the school.

Really it makes my children very happy. This is the first time I bought new uniforms for them.” She is very thankful to us for such a thoughtful gift. In India education is more important to parents than food.

She kept one female goat which is pregnant now and within two three months it will give birth to kids. She is happy with this female goat. It gives milk for the family. Surekha is doing well now because she is doing day-labor everyday and runs the house with this money.
I am really happy for the Gods’ people who thoughtfully gave for this cause and help this family in the time of crisis. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL ABUNDANTLY.”

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