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Oct 11, 2011 | India

Well, we finally made it to Prakash and now have Internet connection AFTER five days. Our trip was quite eventful from the moment the pilot had revved the engines to take off and the stewardess comes on over the intercom and says, ” Is there a doctor on board? We have a medical emergency.” The engine slows and we taxi back to the gate. I have to say the paramedics arrived immediately and the lady was taken off with oxygen, BUT then it took and hour and a half to find her luggage and take it off the plane—probably the last piece in the pile.

We arrived in Amsterdam for a three-hour layover only to find that the gate (secured room) was not open and only 20 chairs were provided for a planeload of people. Finally I just put my shawl down and sat on the floor.

Then to top it all off, when we went to check in for our flight to Nagpur we found that the flight had been cancelled. It was a holiday for their Goddess Durga!!! The ticket agents worked very hard to find us a flight and we ONLY had to walk about three-quarters of a mile through a construction area pulling our carry-ons to another terminal to the accommodating airline. This airline had recently changed their policy about luggage and we ended up paying almost $100 in fees for over weight baggage. Like I said, ” We are finally here.”

Due to the fact that there was this holiday and Diwali is coming there are thousands of lights and decorations. Loren teased and thanked our General Director for all the lights in his honor. Literally, hundreds of thousands of people have also invaded Nagpur for a Buddhist celebration so the mass of people and traffic from the airport to Prakash was beyond comprehension.

Because this was somewhat of a surprise trip, the majority of the staff was in shock. They all think Loren looks “healthy” and I think they thought he would be emaciated. Cancer is a total death sentence in India, so they marvel at his attitude and that he looks good.

Thankfully we didn’t have any jet lag and were able to start sessions with the executive staff the very next morning after we arrived. They are all so hungry for fellowship around God’s Word.

Pray that we have wisdom to handle all the things that are on our plate and that we will do what is necessary with love and grace.

There are a ton of stories to come. I just need the time to write them.

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