Goat Gift

Jan 31, 2012 | India

Giving away goats is not as easy as you may think,Dr. Suresh had to conduct a survey of villages in the 80-mile radius of his normal work area to find the most needy family for the Goat Gift.

There were hundreds of villages to be assessed.

When he was told by several villagers of a very impoverished family, he had to see for himself. It was most unusual for them to all be in agreement that Bebi should be the recipient of the Goat Gift.


Life is very unpredictable and hard in Nanada because of the isolated location of this village.  Bebi lost her husband 18 years ago due to diarrhea.   After the death of her husband—leaving her and two children behind—life became so miserable and hard for Bebi she was unable to keep her family in good condition.  She avoided her daily work because of her “one-blindness.” Yes, Bebi is one-eye blind.  It is beyond our imagination to think how she and her children ever survived.  She could not clean the grain like other women in the village.  She had no husband who was tending the fields.



Her 19 year-old son is doing hard labor as a stone crusher on a daily basis.  He is not well educated so to get a better job in the city is impossible.  His weak health also keeps him from working on a regular basis.  The 17 year-old-daughter is dumb, and living away from her family in a special school.  Bebi is so weak that she is always sick.


Dr. Suresh’s report:

“When I was doing survey to find the most needful woman for having this precious gift.  I was talking to her in my first visit.  I was listening to her life story and asked her questions as to what I could do to help her out. Shockingly, she made wild statement, ‘Somebody should give me a pair of goats.’ My heart really praised God for His work—on time—I had goats to give away.  Then I promised her. ‘On my next visit I will gift you two goats as I have help from some God loving people.’  At first it was joke for her, but our security man made her to believe.   When I returned and gave her three goats she had no words to say thanks, but her tears spoke to me what is in her heart.  She is so grateful for this gift and very happy that in future she will have enough to feed and take care of her family.  She is very happy.  Really it is a small gift, but it will change the lives of this family forever.


We are once again thankful to our dear donors for helping us to facilitate a life-change for a very destitute woman in Nanada area by giving her three goats.  You will not experience the smile on the face of this woman but trust me—Dr. Suresh was the one who really experienced a tear in his eye when he saw her reaction after receiving two female goats and a kid. The crowd around told him that for many years they have not seen her this happy, but you brought her happiness back.  We just thank the Lord for this great gift.

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