Oh NO, Oh NO, Oh NO !!!

Feb 8, 2012 | India



We have had several problems, health and otherwise, here at Prakash.


1.   Vandana, the wife of a staff member has been diagnosed with typhoid.  She is very ill and really needs your prayers.  We try so hard to get our staff to only drink filtered water, BUT… Thankfully, they have an aunt living with them who can care for the young children during this time of sickness.


2.   One of our PBI students has been in the hospital for four days and the doctors have been unable to diagnose his illness.  The only fact they know is he has a high fever and vomiting.



3.   Bob is without water altogether again in his shower.  Oh my, are we ever giving him the missionary experience.  As students came into ESL class they noticed a large wet spot on the wall near Bob’s whiteboard.


The geyser is just on the other side of the wall and had been leaking ever since installation.  Bob says, that Loren’s job requires, not only an administrator, accountant, and a Bible teacher, but also a HANDYMAN!!!  I agree.


4.    Due to the hectic pace around campus right now—twice— the guys in charge of the water tank have forgotten to turn off the switch and we have lost hundreds of galleons of water down the side of the building.  Water is becoming more precious than gold and we hate to lose it.


5.   Lastly, but extremely painful, I came down with salmonella poisoning.  I thought I was going to die and without Vicodin, I don’t know what it would have been like.   Loren was such a great doctor.  (Maybe that should be added to his job description???)  No way was I going to go to an Indian hospital, even though the car was on stand-by.  I am feeling much better, just a little weak.


Sorry that I do not have more pictures in this Journal, but I wasn’t about to let Loren take one of me sick.  LOL

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