A Little Love Goes A Long Way

Apr 5, 2012 | India

This Journal should have been written a couple of weeks ago, BUT you all realize that my life has been fairly hectic.  I don’t want anyone to think that I am tooting my own horn; I only want to show what a little love can do.

When I arrive in India and there is a new batch of girls, I make it a point to hug each one individually.  I might as well be hugging a fence post…they are ridged and there is usually not response.  Most of these girls have NEVER been touched in a loving, gentle way.  Merely, slaps and beatings fill their young lives.  To see the change by the end of my visit is astounding.  I refuse to let them call me “Madam.”  (They have no idea the connotation that has in the US.)  I become Nani…grandmother…to all.  The gals from the TEAM were also amazing with their show of “touchy-feely” love.

I coerced the girls into helping me get all the rooms clean for the arrival of the TEAM in February.

I promised them a big surprise, not just a picnic, but also a day at the Water Park, A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME experience.   They worked so hard and cleaned areas I’m sure hadn’t been touched in years.


Here is Nupi’s report on our last stint in India.


Last week in one of our discussion class I took a feedback from the RGI girls, about the happenings of the last few months: what it meant to them, what touched them and so on?  I want to share some of comments with you just as an encouragement that the girls are thankful for what you all have done for them.


*        One thing that touched me is that Nani had promised to take us to picnic during her last trip and she fulfilled it in her second trip she kept her promise.

*        The thing that touched me is that while leaving Nani hugged us all and she had tears in her eyes.  I have never received so much love before.

*        I never knew and never expected that Americans can be so loving I really enjoyed my time with all of them. They loved us so much that I did not want to part with them.

*        Today in this world every country is thinking only about the progress of their own country.  People are selfish but for the first time in my life I could see that people who don’t belong to my country care for a poor girl like me, associate with me, try to know my feelings.  This act of love will always be a role model for me in my life.

*        I lived in a hostel for ten years.  One thing that touched my heart is that when we went for picnic all of the staff also participated with us and enjoyed with us.  Nani’s presence even when she was sick also meant a lot to me.

*        I used to think that white people have no feelings but when I saw their love and tenderness I was very surprised.

*        I am so happy that Nani and Papi made it possible for Mr. Bob to come and teach our teachers so that we could learn English I am so happy for this.

*        Almost every person said that the first rose I got in my life is from Papi. (Loren put a decorated rose on each girl’s bed on Valentine’s Day.)

*        I was never happy when I was in my house there were so many problems but when I came here I am always happy.  For the first time in my life I saw a white person and I could touch them.  I was so happy when they hugged me I was never loved so much before.

*        I have learned so many things I RGI that I cannot express them.  I can speak English a little bit but when some asked me to teach then English I was scared to death but when I went through English class at RGI I now know that teaching English can be so simple.  I was touched with all the time that I spent with the TEAM.   I have never received so much love in my life.  I will always pray for them.

*        Papi gave me the rose and expressed the love of Jesus for me in a special way.  I will never forget the TEAM’S love, selfless acts.  I want to express the same love to others kindly pray for me.

*        I never got the comfort and love that I get at RGI in my village.  I am so happy here I am so happy for the first flower that I got.  I will always miss my time here.  I love RGI.

*        This was the first picnic in my life that I ever enjoyed to so much.  I never had so much fun in my life.

*        I was touched when the TEAM brought us the guitars it really showed their love and kindness toward us.  I am so thankful to them for the cubes too.

*        When Nani and Papi were leaving Nani hugged us and so did Papi.  I was not surprised to see tears in Nani’s eyes because she is a woman but when I saw tears in Papi’s eyes I was touched.  I knew that he also loves us very much.  I now know that loving others is not as difficult as I thought it is easy.

*        When Nani came to the picnic even when she was sick I was touched by her love.  I always thought the surprising each other happens only in movies.  But when I got the rose in such a surprising way it made me feel loved and cared for.  It was beyond my imagination.  Nani and Papi both loved us.

*        I was touched by all the women in the TEAM I was so happy to spend time with them, the henna time, lunch, the party night, the getting ready for the party was so much fun for me I will never forget this time.

Hope you understand how much difference a small deed makes in the life of a young Indian girl. We never know what each girl is longing for, they look happy on the outside but there are unmet needs inside.  May we all together learn to look for ways that we can express the love of Jesus to these lovely girls in our care.  Continue to care and pray for them.



I am doing much better and taking it easy for now.  Thank you all for all the cards and emails.  It has made this time so much easier to bear.

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