Nitin, An Alumni Story

Sep 13, 2012 | India

Nothing thrills our hearts more than to have a story come to us like the one below. WOW!!!! This is what Prakash is all about. Nitin is the perfect example of the goals and mission of Prakash.

“My name is Nitin and I come from a small village.  Before coming to Prakash Institute I was working in a garage.  My work was to wash two wheelers in a private garage. Though it was kind of dirty job and I never used to make enough money but this job was very important for me to support my family financially.  My father was a driver but when I was in 10th grade my father met with an accident and became disabled.  I had a great desire to study but there was no option left for me than to start working.  I have one more brother, younger, and two sisters.


One day one of my relatives from Nagpur called me and told me about Prakash Institute.  She had also sent me an application form of Prakash.  But I had received it the next day was the due date for submitting the form.  I was very scared that I am going to lose this opportunity.  The same night I sat in the bus for 10 hours and came to Nagpur and submitted my application. Very miraculously I got admission for interview here for Refrigeration course.  On 4th August 2004 I came to Prakash Institute for the interview but I did not have money to pay the fees. Again, God heard my prayers and one of my relatives came and paid my fees very unexpectedly.  I thanked God for His provision and my eyes were full of tears.  God is great!

While I was studying in Prakash I did not have money even to buy bathing soap but I praise God that my batch mates in Prakash took very good care of me and they provided me all I needed.  Two years of my time here changed my life entirely.  The experiences I had here brought me closer to Jesus.  After completing my course I got a good job in Nagpur itself and then I started supporting my family financially.  Because of my financial support one of my sisters could become a nurse and I am on the way of finishing my engineering course.  My younger brother Nishant could study here at Prakash and he has also started earning good amount of money.

I am grateful to God for bringing me to Prakash and for all His provision.  It was here I accepted Jesus as my Personal Savior and I made a commitment to serve the Lord.  After leaving Prakash I have joined one of the churches here in Nagpur and not only that but I also got elected as President of Youths in this church.  I have learned guitar and I teach songs to the youths and also take the youths of my church to different parts of Nagpur for evangelism.  I am so happy that I am able to serve the Lord through this youth ministry.

In fact I was working as a refrigeration mechanic in one of the companies and was also busy completing my engineering course.  But when the General Director gave me an offer to work in Prakash as an instructor I remembered all that God has done to me while I was studying here and I could not say no.  Today I am very proud to come back to Prakash as an instructor because I am very sure that God want to use me not only to teach Refrigeration course to these young people but to display a daily walk with Jesus.

Once again I want to thank my God for this wonderful opportunity to serve Him and also want to thank each one of you for your support and faithful prayers.”

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