Girls’ Day Out…Well Boys Too

Feb 3, 2013 | India

Our guests have kept me soooo busy that I have had little time to write a Journal. It does not mean great things are not happening. Verna and Ron are having the time of their life. Everyday continues to be Verna’s favorite day.

Verna and I started the day with a walk over to RGI for a Q and A time with the girls. (Ron got to have a Q and A with the boys.) Earlier we had asked the girls to each write out a question and we would endeavor to answer them one by one. Finding the girls all sitting on the floor we decided to not sit together because of the roar of, “Sit here, Nani, Sit here, Auntie.”

They handed me a little green tray with folded pieces of paper on it and I took one, opened it, thinking I was to ask Verna the question…IT WAS IN MARATHI!!! Well, stupid me, what did I think they were going to write in??? So off the cuff I said, “Blaa, jabber, dud##&)&** agghdjjdjja.” Verna fell over giggling, and then wiped the laughter tears from her eyes. It started our time together with a bang.


Most of the questions had to do with being loved. They know so little about genuine love, and even question it from their heavenly Father.

After all the questions were finally answered the girls wanted to put henna on our hands and feet. Again, we sat between different girls and it became somewhat of a competition. 

The girls kept TRYING to teach each of us sayings like, “My henna is better than your henna, nannie, nannie, nannie.” … Typical, sibling rivalry, even at our age. They did teach us, “Mazhi mehendi paha, (Look at my mehendi (henna)” in Marathi. So later while walking back, if we saw someone we said, “Mazhi mehendi paha,” and showed our mehendi.


The girls invited all four of us for a lunch, which they had cooked.


It was such a treat seeing them go through their regular ritual of preparing the room; serving and then cleanup.

  Watching the whole process was extremely entertaining. It was like a wave of peach working in coordination.

Later, Verna and I went over to RGI for Beauty Parlour. What fun. Each girl gets a chance to be pampered upon and or actually perform the work.

This is by far the best-liked class. In truth, it gives them self-confidence and self esteem. They can also make good money by using these skills in the marketplace.


All of us feel blessed to have the opportunity to interact with these students. It was a “favorite day.”

Thank you again for your prayers and support
               *   Some names  have been changed to protected the privacy and safety of the characters in my stories.
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