Hey Guys

Mar 6, 2013 | India

After as many years of being in India and leaning various Marathi phrases, we were blown away by this new addition to our arsenal of expressions. One of my favorite greetings to staff and the pastors is, “Hey Guys, how are you doing?” Well, as we were in staff meeting one morning, and Nagesh was doing the honors of pouring the coffee, he said, “Want dude?” “WHAT???” “Oh, sorry, milk?” Stunned, Loren said, “You mean milk is dude in Marathi?” (Spelled dudh) (Milk is delivered to the home)

“Well, what in the world is a cow called?” “Guy (gai)” Both words, sound very American.

You can only imagine the peels of laughter that continuously erupt, now that they know, we know, the Marathi words. So in Marathi a guy gives dude!!!!

Old habits are hard to break so I’m afraid they will simply continue to be called guys=cows. LOL

Loren’s relationship with guys (gais) is in question.

We are home now and feel wonderful. This is my first trip EVER to not have spent even one day in bed sick. PTL. Our list was long, and not many things were accomplished on OUR list, but God’s list was fully completed, I am sure. There are a multitude of stories I still need to tell, so the Journals will continue as time allows. Thanks so much for all the responses. It is soooo encouraging.

Thank you again for your prayers and support
               *   Some names  have been changed to protected the privacy and safety of the characters in my stories.
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