God Answers Prayers

Mar 28, 2013 | India

Having just spent $2000—yes DOLLARS— on the Armada, the Prakash vehicle, Loren thought everything was fine. Not until, I was speaking with Nupi and she told me of her experience. That day while taking a RGI girl to the doctor. She said, “Nani, I was so scared that we were going to burn. The Armada began to smoke all the inside, and we had to get out. Vipul was very scared too. Finally, it stopped smoking so we continued to the doctor’s. We really need a new vehicle.” Amazed, I said, “Loren just spent tons of money on that car, why was it not fixed?” Well, first of all, you never ask a WHY question in India, and secondly, this was a NEW problem.

Obviously, that night I relayed this conversation to Loren. He considered what I said, but said, “We simply do not have money for a new car. What to do??? God will have to provide.”

Unbeknown to us, all the staff, especially the drivers, had daily been praying for a new vehicle.

Later in the week I felt led to share this need with a donor and as God delights in building our faith, he/she said, “Check is in the mail as soon as we know how much.” Of course, Loren had a little fun with staff when he told them the unbelievable news.

Now came the fun part, deciding our need, shopping, bargaining, haggling, etc. Loren let the staff do the research and actual purchase. The car arrived a few days ago and here are some pictures of the celebration, dedication and excerpts from staff:

(Even the showroom celebrates the sell of a new car)

From Joy, General Director:

“We as Prakash Family thanked the Lord for everyone who has been instrumental for having this wonderful tool for the ministry of Prakash. We also thanked the Lord for generous donor who has gifted this vehicle. A testimony as how God heard our prayers. I have testified to the goodness of the Living Lord and His timely Provision for Prakash Ministry.

From Nupi, RGI Administrator:

“Yesterday was my first trip with one of the teachers to Itwari in the new Bolero. It was really nice to ride in a comfortable car, yet safely. Vipul too was sharing, ‘Previously every time someone told me that we have to go somewhere in the old Armada I used to feel like running away, just didn’t feel like driving it specially because it swayed from side to side after applying brakes.  But now, I can drive happily and safely.  Just want to thank God for this provision for us.’

(One of the drivers handing out candy. A tradition when you get a new car.)

This experience has built up my faith that our God provides all our NEEDS.”

From Nagesh, Business Manager

“Yesterday, I had the joy to take new vehicle in the city for the marketing purpose and from the bottom of our hearts we gave all praises and glory to HIS name. We deeply want to thank the donor who has sacrificially given their money to have this New Car in our Campus for God’s glory. I told Vipul, he and Premdas really need to take care of this New Car properly.” (Typical admonition from a BM.)

From Moses, Dean of Students:

“Finally the new vehicle has arrived to the campus of Prakash Institute.  As soon as the vehicle arrived all the eyes were on the new vehicle and as it came correctly when the classes were over, students just rushed to take a look and some even made attempts to touch it.  Joy called RGI students, PBI students and all the staff members and requested Nagesh to pray and thank God for the new vehicle.”


This was truly a faith building experience for our staff, as well as Loren and I. God knows our needs before we do and prepares the hearts of his people.

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