Apr 24, 2013 | India

Probably some of us “old folks” from the South know what COOLERS are, but for you young’uns it is an old fashion, not so efficient air conditioner. It works by installing it in a window and having water flow over fiber pads with a fan blowing air through the pads. If pads are not clean, many air-born diseases can be transmitted. Sometimes, the water is thrown by hand and the fan is a cloth fanning the air… I have seen it done. Anyway, Loren always wonders WHY they wait till it is really HOT before servicing the coolers? Why not store them repaired and ready to go? But as I have said many times, “WHY” is not a question you ask in India.

Moses has sent these reports:

“Temperature in Nagpur is rising. It’s getting hotter and hotter.  Our offices are like ovens.  Today Joy told the electrician department to repair and fix the coolers wherever necessary.

Thanks to all the maintenance staff and students for working hard in repairing the old ones so that they will be usable this summer too. (A 110 degrees is not considered summer)


Joy has also called the cooler company to fix the broken coolers we could not repair.

Our students have started going for their practical work in different companies.  Kindly pray for their protection and safety. This work is good practical work for them also.”

Report on a different type of COOLER:

“Though the weather is very hot over here and cold drinking water is the only thing that brings respite.  But unfortunately our water cooler is out of order since many days and I never thought that it will be useable any more.

 (I took this picture when we were at Prakash, as the AC/REF teacher said, “No Sir, it is impossible for us to fix this water cooler. It is too old.”)

But praise God that the Welding department and the AC/Refrigeration department took the challenge to fix it and save some money on it, instead of buying the new machine.  As for me I never thought that it was possible.

This is a great example as how we can work together as a team.  Our Welding teacher and students made an exact frame with all the details as where the compressor, condenser and all the little parts will fit and how many holes they will need for the nut bolts to hold the body and other parts of the machine.  It was great lesson for the students that, welding are not only about joining two metals, but it do require proper understanding of the entire project. 

Finally with too many hands and brains working on it the machine is ready to use.  Thank God for the cold water.”


This probably the most used piece of equipment we have on campus.  Ever since we installed this water filter and cooler, we have cut the Typhoid sickness rate of students by  90%.

Sunday night during our Skype session with staff, we were told that there is an extreme water shortage in Maharashtra State.  Staff is thankful that the students will be leaving for the month of May, as it will help with the Prakash water supply.

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