Girls Treat Week

Jul 31, 2013 | India

Due to the fact that the government decides when Exams will be held, there is always a lag time between exams and Graduation. Nupi, as administrator of RGI has used this week—probably the most “fun and educational time” of the school year—to give the girls a real treat.

Here is her report:

“As we come close to the end of the session in July we are faced with mixed emotions and hectic schedules; Exams, covering all the skill classes, then we have leisure time, graduation and finally saying goodbye to the girls who stayed with us a year-long and some two years.  It is not easy, but with God’s grace we are able to do what He wants us to do. I planned some entertaining, yet helpful events.

Food Processing Workshop:  I invited a teacher from Government technical school who gave basic lessons to RGI girls.

She taught them how to make tomato sauce, mango jam, biscuits and cakes.  It was a very interesting session for the girls.

The best thing was getting to eat the goodies they made.  The girls also invited the PBI staff for tea and handmade biscuits.

(The report SHE received was that the male staff would love for RGI to become a bakery. They said, ‘It was the best biscuits…really…cookies and cakes we have ever eaten. We could make money selling them.’ Also, one of the tribal girls asked for a small vile of vanilla and wee bit of cake flour to tuck in her clothing packet. She said, ‘My village will not believe I can make something this good.’

Chocolate Making:  Girls were looking forward to this class.  I taught them how to make basic chocolate and variations of butterscotch, fruit and nuts.  It was fun to see these girls licking their hands and spoons after everything was done.


When the girls got to eat the chocolates they made they said to each other, ‘Our chocolates taste exactly like the chocolates that Sylvia Nani had given us.’ (Wish I could have a scratch spot here XXX so you could smell the kitchen and the chocolate.)

Lecture by Dr. Meena:  

Dr. Mee na has been actively involved with RGI for the last years. She gave a wonderful informative lecture to the outgoing girls. She covered topics like diet…its importance, preventive health care, family planning and the facilities available at government health centers.

 This was a very interactive session as the girls were able to ask all the questions regarding personal health.  Dr. Meghna had monitored the health of our students throughout the year,” (This amazing Hindu doctor comes free-of-charge at the beginning of the year and gives each girl a complete health and pregnancy exam. Many times it is the first time the girls have EVER seen a doctor. Having had boys for so many years, it never entered our minds that such precautions would be necessary before admission of a female student.)


The boys used their extra time playing cricket and volleyball. Of course, they had a lot more exams because of the number of government certified trades.

Times are tough financially for Prakash right now, but when you see the results of transformed lives, it is worth it all. It is a faith-based organization and God knows our needs.

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