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Aug 24, 2013 | India

This is a very busy time of year at Prakash and RGI. The school term ends mid-July and the new term begins August 1.

Moses sent a couple of reports:

“After a long and busy admission procedure we are ready with a new batch of students. One student ran away as he was not happy with the discipline and rules over here. We had to make lot of phone calls in search of him but we praise God that he reached home safely. We had conducted interviews on 25th July, 30th July and 31st July.  We got very good response this time for the interview and though it was raining students were present for the interview on the given dates.

Written exam and oral interview was conducted as usual.  Most of the students did not do well in mathematics. Bible was kind of ‘out of course’ but we all believe that God is going to change them dramatically.  Kindly pray for all the staff members that God would renew our strength like an eagle so that we can fly even higher than before to fulfill His purpose.

On 15th August 2013 we celebrated India’s 67th Independence Day.  Our program started at 8:30 am sharp. Now-a-days very rare we see chief guests coming on right time, but the chief guest for the Independence Day Mr. Vijay Barse was on time. Mr. Barse is a Christian man and he is the Corporator of Nagpur.  He has always been of great help to Prakash Institute. He had given five benches to Prakash last year.

This time the program was not very lengthy.  It was short and to the point.  RGI choir and PBI choir sang patriotic songs and the chief guest encouraged our students through his speech.


Mr. Barse’s main emphasis was that every Indian needs to understand our duty towards our country and with independence comes responsibility. In his speech he said that Indians are full of knowledge, but they lack in implementing the information they have. He encouraged our students to start implementing the knowledge in their day today life.  It is same even with the scripture.  We Christians need to implement the Biblical teachings in our day today life.

From the bottom of our heart we want to thank Mr. Barse for coming to Prakash and for all his help.

After the program sweets were distributed to all the staff and students.

During the program we had exciting viewing of ‘seasonal visitors.’ They are beautiful example of God’s creation.

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