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Sep 6, 2013 | India

Several years ago while sitting at the reception desk at North Point Community Church I noticed a Red and Blue book. Being a little bored I picked up and began to read. From that encounter with Starting Point the Prakash Christian Education program has been transformed.

Long story short…North Point became involved with the translation and printing of the books, and then sent two guys over to India to teach our facilitators how to teach the materials. Again, I can only say WOW how it has changed everything at Prakash. I mention Starting Point often in my Journals, so now you know what it is all about.


Moses is the Campus Pastor and sent this report on the first session of Starting Point with this year’s batch of new students:


“Last Sunday we had a wonderful church service in RGI auditorium.  I preached the first message from Starting Point and we altogether had wonderful time of learning and singing.                                       

RGI girls did a wonderful job in leading the worship service.  All seemed to be in happy mood and enjoyed listening and interacting with me on Andy’s first sermon of Starting Point. I do a lot of interaction with boys when I teach them but Sunday is the only time for girls to ask questions to me and I believe they are enjoying it.

This year I was praying for good musicians, especially keyboard player, but this year too we don’t have keyboard player. But glory to God, RGI girls don’t need any music. God has given them a special talent to sing with right note without keyboard.

We do have some guitar players in PBI and they do have the efficiency to make some noise here and there. I believe and pray that they too will learn to play in rhythm very soon.   


I tried to capture some moments of Sunday church service hope you will enjoy it.”

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