Too Busy to Write???

Oct 11, 2013 | India

I know there is no good excuse for not writing sooner, BUT truly we have been very busy getting ready for the 40th Anniversary celebration of Prakash.  Guests have arrived, decorations have been made and meetings held.  It is best to just show you all…
Loren in Pastor’s meeting.  One of  two so far.Rewiring, so our air conditioner will work.  It is VERY Hot and muggy.
Guests arrive and want to see the workings of Prakash for possible future funding.
Flat tire needs changing.  First time, and Loren needed to instruct.
Leslie Marshall arrives.  She is from Atlanta and will be part of the 40th Anniversary celebration activities.

Dr. Marshal Wright arrives.  He is the Keynote speaker for 40th celebration.  His parents were part of the vision for Prakash back in 1961.

Welcome program for our guests.
Putting up a Timeline of photos.  Such vision is amazing to see in actuality.  The property had absolutely nothing on it but rocks. Now covered with trees and gardens.
We even put our guests to work with the installation of decorations.

We had to rent 200 more chairs for our three-day event, BUT they all had to be washed before we could place them in the auditorium.  A job we didn’t expect to do.  Like Marshal said, ” The difference between expectations and reality, is the conflict or challenge.”

Our guest cook, Sunil, has a huge challenge, with meals for guests and 200 cups of spiced tea for tonight’s event.

Pray that everything we do will bring honor and glory to God.  Indians do not RSVP so we really have no idea how many people will attend.  Nupi and I worked with the caterers, but having not planned too many events for 400 or more people, it is a stretch.

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