Saturday Celebration…Part One

Oct 16, 2013 | India

In order for me to be able to give the full flavor of the fantastic weekend, I am going to break Saturday into two parts. There was so much going on that I can’t put all the pictures into one Journal.
…So the story continues.
I had planned breakfast for the Westerners in the Guest kitchen, but when we arrived at RGI and saw they were having Poha (a dry curried rice flakes with dried fruits and nuts) no way were we going to eat eggs and toast. So Sunil was off the hook for cooking for a couple of days.
This session began again with Praise songs and another dance from the RGI girls.                        
 Everyone loved the fact that Leslie sang a Hindi song with Nagesh.
Then a time of testimonies from alumni…specifically, “What did Prakash or RGI do that transformed your life?” It truly blessed our hearts to see these young men and women with eagerness express their thankfulness. It was an authentic confirmation of their relationship that has been built with Prakash and RGI.
To our immense surprise and beyond all expectations, 20 alumni girls were in attendance. It is so difficult for girls to travel, so to my delight I was getting hugs at every turn and they wouldn’t let go. One girl said, “Nani, you were the first person to ever love me.” That nearly did me in.
Loren and Padmaker were in charge of giving the “History of Prakash.”
The students had no idea of the vision it took to build a school…in the middle of nowhere… and have it be such a success. I think they all thought all the trees and landscaping were here when it all began.
Now the campuses are incorporated into the city of Nagpur. Loren also gave them a challenge to remember they had outstretched hands and were given in abundance, now it was time for them to turn their hands over and give back.


 I hired the caterer, not for his good looks, but for the quality of excellent vegetarian food he could provide. For Saturday we had three meals and two teas with goodies served beautifully and ON TIME.
At each session we had City officials and dignitaries from other organizations. Ashok’s office executive staff arrived with a yummy 40th cake. Several other organization brought flower baskets.
Well, we all took a break and ….the story will continue.
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