Sunday Celebration

Oct 18, 2013 | India


Sunday breakfast, Indian style…Nupi was enjoying it. We did too.
The morning was filled Praise and Worship that all in attendance fully enjoyed. I am constantly amazed at the talented staff we have in the area of music.   Nitin on the guitar is an alumnus and has left a high paying job to come back to Prakash and teach Ref/AC—Just one of such stories of our talented staff.
Loren gave a rose to every female in attendance. They LOVED it. Like I have said before, some of the girls have never received a flower in their life. So it was a vey special honor for them.
Nupi, who was Mistress of Ceremony, relinquished her position to one of the RGI alumnus. What a perfect example of Generation to Generation.
More dances and songs…I think you can see how much they are relishing this time of singing.
Joy, as General Director, gave a talk on vision for Prakash Institutes. Where do we want to be in five years with the next Generation? He and Dr. Marshall had not discussed their talks but were on the same page with their presentations.
The final message from our Keynote speaker, Dr. Marshal Wright was impactful and we were all-too-aware it was so right-on for our audience. He continued with his third point of, “What does that mean in the future?” He used the verses from the Bible of the Vine, being Christ, and we are the Branches. Exhorted to bear much fruit. “It will be different fruit,” he stated, “but still it needs to be MUCH fruit.” His examples were extraordinary and made such an impression. It is not only Generation to Generation, but to another Generation and on.
Marshall is not a preacher…he is a professor at ORU in Tulsa and Dean of the Business College. Like one of the older attendees said, “India doesn’t need more Bible Thumpers, we need more teachers like Dr. Wright.”
As Moses was closing the celebration, he said, “Dr. Marshall, you made my arms tingle with your great teaching.” If our students and staff remember just one thing, and put it into practice, it was worth all the time and effort.
On a scale of 1 to 10 we were a 9+++. 40 years is an amazing heritage and we celebrated it with true grace and honor.
THE END…not really, just this story of the celebration.


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