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Oct 29, 2013 | India

Because of Prakash for India—students are changed and lifestyles are improved. By empowering young marginalized Indians to have self-sustaining lives and a vibrant relationship with Jesus the results in our alumni are astounding.

Here is an amazing list of what a few of our alumni are doing:

(Pictures are only a sampling)

Coordinator of North India for Walk Through the Bible

Founder of village ministry Deen Bandhu

AC/Ref. worker in Dubai

(He sponsored the tee shirts and cups for the 40th)

Lay-pastor and Business manger of Prakash


Worship leader and instructor of AC/Ref. at Prakash

Owner of own business with huge Government contract

Academic Dean of Bible College

Pastor of church and Chairman of CBCA

Welding instructor at Prakash

Works for large hotel as AC/Ref. manager

Manger of EFICOR in Nagpur

Pastor of church in slums

Studying Nursing

Pastor of church in Wadi

Sells executive for Mahindra

Lay-Pastor of medium size church (works in his trade of AC/Ref.)

Sales executive for one of the largest diamond merchants in the world

Computer teacher and Matron at orphanage

Director of ministry to Dalits and tribes in North India

Sales executive in Maruti’s main showroom


Working for large Internet and cell phone provider

Lay-pastor and Dean of Students at Prakash

Tailoring business in her home

General Director of Prakash

Founder of House of Oneness in New Zealand

Coordinator of House of Oneness for India

Working for Voltas

Founder of Vet-Med Ministries

Without your support none of this would be possible. Help us to continue to empower young lives in India.  If just one life had been transformed it would be worth it all, but look,  here are multitudes of lives that have been changed. To God be the glory!

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