Urgent Need

Sep 26, 2014 | India

Seldom do I ask for money from you all, but we have a crisis. One of our housefathers has had an accident and may lose his eyesight in one eye IF we do not help to get him the best care available.

In order to save money he was trying to repair his daughter’s bicycle.   She has just recovered from the deadly dengue virus. After being hospitalized for several days, she has recovered. We paid those bills and then this happened. The coffers are empty.

No, there is no insurance. They have socialized medicine, but we would not even consider sending him to the government hospital.

On faith we have told the staff to get him the necessary operations from the best doctor available. I understand it will take two MORE to get all the metal particles from his eye. To top it off, he arrived today for surgery only to find that the anesthesiologist was not going to appear today. He will have to wait until Monday. It angers me that the poor are treated with such disregard.

Anyway, we need $1500 to give him a chance at saving his sight. Please help.

Solomon and his family need our prayers. He is very discouraged.

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