Easter at Prakash

Apr 8, 2015 | India

A meaningful report from Moses:

“Prakash had wonderful Easter service.  We had organized it in a small garden next to Prospect apartment.

Our service started at 6: 00 am and finished by 7: 00 am.  Our students unbelievably decorated and arranged the garden in such a way that everything seemed to be meaningful. Even the way they had arranged pots was meaningful.  

Since the theme was heart the pots were kept in a heart shape and all the PBI students sat in the heart shaped ground.  

We were also eco-friendly in some sense as the pulpit was a stump of a tree. I had to keep my bible on the stump of a tree.


Students welcomed me like a chief guest and they sang songs and I had given bible readings to some of them so they were proud to come in front and read the portion from the Bible.


It was such a blessing to see the enthusiasm of the students and the hard work they did in making all the arrangements.


We had also arranged early tea and snacks for all the students so that they would not feel sleepy in early morning LOL.  In fact we just wanted them to have some fun. 


After my message we spent some time in silence praying for ourselves. It was an opportunity for the students to invite Jesus into their heart.  I believe that this has helped them to walk at least one step closer to Jesus.  

RGI girls could not participate in this program, as they were getting ready to go to another Church.”

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