Can We Boast…a little?

May 13, 2015 | India

Nagesh is our Prakash Business Manager, a House Church pastor and very involved with the students’ music program.  His musical talents are abundant.  He is an alumnus of Prakash

Also he is a complete orphan. All through the years he has struggled with being an orphan. When Loren appointed him to the position of BM he knew nothing about accounting, but had such a willing heart to learn. We are thrilled that he received this…completely out of the ordinary…compliment from the government officials. HE DESERVES IT.

“I thank God the audit is finished. The team of auditors-six of them had come to our office for the audit. They have completed the audit and complimented me for keeping all the records CLEAN. They said, ‘We have never seen such perfect record keeping and no graft.’ I thank God for the privilege God has given to me to carry on the responsibilities given to me and I tried my all best.”

Let’s all clap for Nagesh. We are so very proud of our staff.  Yeah!!!!

His darling family has captured our hearts.

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