This is WHY . . .

Feb 25, 2016 | India, Ruth Girls Institute

The vehicle was weaving down the road missing by a hair the women who are denuding the government “jungle” next to the Prakash property.

As Vipole maneuvers onto the busy Amavarti Highway Nupi’s phone rings.
Hanging up she says, “Nani, there are three RGI alumni at RGI campus wanting to see you.”
Uzhve, Uzhve Vipole, (U-turn) we need to go back to campus. No errand is more important than seeing our girls.” Nani said.
“”Call Sunil and have Indian tea brought to RGI. We need to celebrate.”
Nani and Papi were nearly knocked over by exuberant hugs upon their arrival at RGI.
Papi was eager to talk with the girls. As we drank our tea, we found that all the girls have VERY good jobs. Meena and Arvita work for a high-end Beauty Parlour. They make three times more in salary than the teacher who taught them “Beauty Parlour” at RGI. They said, “We would never have gone outside our house if we had not come to RGI.”
All three girls are from single parent-mother only-homes. Actually, that is not quite true; one girl does have a drunken father who is non-existent in the home.
Rajeta, has gone on for higher education in computer and now is doing tuitions . . . classes . . . in her home. She was going to interview for a job the next day. Nupi showed her the new syllabus for the RGI computer curriculum to see if she was qualified to teach at RGI.
As we sat and listened to these now confident, beautiful girls we realized . . . THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO.
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