Help Save the Tower

Apr 20, 2016 | featured, Funding, India

Every project always seems to expand. Loren has realized that donors are not prone to give for maintenance, so he has set up a little fund and finally felt he had enough money in it to redo the surface of the tower of the PBI building. The surface is a thin layer concrete mixture over the UN-FIRED bricks and rebar installed 45 years ago. This of course has cracked over the years due to heat and moisture.
So the contractor has finally started the job, AFTER many holidays and vacations. As his crew began to remove the old plaster,
they found the old GI galvanized water pipes were leaking like a sieve. Water everywhere.
The bricks were mushy . . . gooey, yuck!
Consequently, as you can see, ALL the water pipes from the water tank on top of the building have to be replaced with heavy PVC.
This also means the boys have been without water for weeks, and barrels of water have been brought in for flushing of toilets, and baths. No clothes washing will occur until the project is complete. It is 115 degrees, so you can only imagine the smell in the classrooms.
Loren’s little fund cannot handle this expense. We want to do a
puka . . . great job, just like when the building was originally built, sooooo
We need help!
One donor of $10,000
Two donors of $5,000
Four donors of $2,500
Ten donors of $1,000
Lots and lots of smaller donors.
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