SHE always has DRAMA . . .

Sep 5, 2016 | India

We have arrived at Prakash and all in all, the entire trip was one of the easiest and best for me.
The neck brace made it so my chin wasn’t on my chest, with mouth drooling and kept me upright.
With the fantastic pain medicine from the doctor, I slept more than half the trip. Normally, I would not sleep at all. Sorry Dr. Nick, I did watch a couple of episodes of Downton Abby.
The doctor was very strict about how I could travel and a wheelchair was a MUST. Ohhhh my, it is the only way to go! Poor Loren had a struggle keeping up and managing extra carry-on luggage. Outside of the USA the wheelchairs are skimpy and no place for carry-ons.
Upon arrival in Mumbai, at midnight, I was asked to wait until the plane had completely
unloaded . . . not at all what we wanted to do . . . knowing there would be horribly long lines. We obeyed and were rewarded with not having to stand for over three hours in the 600plus line of people trying to go through immigration, but were taken to a line with maybe eight wheelchairs and we were out to the taxi in one hour. What a praise!
The welcome was sweet at Prakash and the dinner with staff wonderful. During the night, of course, the electricity went off for over an hour. Everyone slept through it EXCEPT Loren and I. Prakash does have a nice big generator. Anyway, at 3 o’clock Loren and I were wide-awake so when the electricity came back on Loren said, “would you like a cup a tea?” “Sure.” Why not also have a little snack?

Well, I was eating some soft cashews and CRUNCH, what on earth? Part of my back molar has lying in my hand.

Next morning off to the dentist . . . I only went because I did know this dentist’s perfect work from about four years ago. Upon arrival at the office we see ten people waiting. All of a sudden the doctor walks out and takes my arm and turns and says, “Emergency.”  Off I go into his private office and a dentist chair.  My neck brace comes off and he begins . . . no antiseptic!

I nearly clawed the leather off the arm piece of his chair. Unbelievable pain. The tears streamed and Loren rubbed my legs and curled toes.

“Sorry Auntie, Sorry.” But he continued to work and cause pain. Finally, it was over and he said, with a smile “You have a new tooth.” . . .  and I do.
Upon return to the campus we were asked to attend a program the RGI girls had arranged for the “Teacher Appreciation Day.”

It was fantastic to see how these girls had come together in only two weeks. They had a skit, and two dances,
truly amazing and darling performance with a show of honor to the teachers.

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