Snehal is Leaving . . .

Jan 18, 2017 | Staff

Because of the demands of teaching and a desire to be a pastor, Mr. Snehal has resigned from his job as the electrical instructor at Prakash. He was the teacher who had a severe stroke in 2015 and we honestly did not think he would ever be able to work again.

God healed him and he has been back to work at Prakash for a year, but now he is leaving.

The General Director appreciated his ministry at Prakash Institutes by honoring him with a shawl (the highest honor), garland and prayer. We will miss his years of dedication to Prakash.
Prakash also incorporated their Christmas festivities in this celebration. They invited some important guests from several government offices. The Assistant Director Of Regional office for ITI, Principal of Government ITI, Bank Manager of Syndicate Bank, and Director of Mure Memorial Hospital The chief guest for this program was Dr. Manju (eye specialist) from Nagpur. He was also the speaker.
Keeping good relationships with the government and influential people has been of great benefit to the institutes.
The students both boys and girls gave wonderful performances like skits and singing that made this program more meaningful.
After the program they of course had a fellowship dinner.
Moses wrote:
“All the guest were present till the last moment and enjoyed the program and it was a good opportunity for each one of us to share with them the vision of Prakash Institutes.”
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