Goat Gifting Continues . . .

Feb 13, 2017 | featured, Vet-Med Outreach

Dr. Suresh has again been at work and has written an inspirational report:
“Vet Med Outreach is working with numerous tribes and communities in many unreached villages and understands very well the value of giving goats to needy families. It really impacts and changes the whole life of each family.
Goats provide a means of income at the time of financial stress for the poor village people. It also provide good source of milk in their diet, which really benefits for physical and mental health of these poor villagers.
Goats also serve as a very easy financial instrument by providing alternative for money at the time of urgent need like physical sickness and children’s education. It proves that in many families goats brought happiness as they don’t have any other resources for their urgent needs.
I am thankful to God for providing one more goat project to bless one more family. I was thinking needy family and I remember the old couple who became my friends on road side talk.
Mr. Rama, 58 years of age and Mrs. Rama, 55 years of age.  Living in nearby village. They belong to Gowari tribe. I saw them several times on road while passing.

They were found grazing 20-24 goats every time. I assume that this is good earning couple as they have all these goats.
But one day I stop and talk with them and then I learned that this couple grazing other people’s goat for meeting their financial needs. But whatever they making is not sufficient to meet all their needs. So they always think in their hearts that they should have some goats to help them out.  In my four visits they became my good friends and invited me in their home. They really shared with me their burden.
So I decided to give this pair of goats to them. When I gave them this good news their faces were doubtful. But then they surprised to know that some body really is helping them out. They started blessing and thanking me several times with tearful eyes.
Next day we delivered two female goats to them,(there are plenty of males in the herd) but before I reached to their village they already brought some leaves for them to feed.
They were very happy to have their own goats now.  Seeing their happiness, I thanked God for His provision through His people to help and bring happiness and hope people like Mr. Rama and his wife.  This is making us possible to build a Christian relationship with them to show the true Savior through our lives.
Because of this we are able to start formal Christian fellowship for this tribe at Mr. Raju’s home. Please do pray for us while we are representing Christ to them. Thank you very much for being a part of social development of unreached tribes with us.”
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