Chickens . . . Chickens

Feb 25, 2017 | featured, Vet-Med Outreach

Again a wonderful life-changing story from Dr. Suresh:

“We are doing this little late as there was little out break on chickens last two months. So it was difficult for me to select healthy chicken’s. Meanwhile we are working our goat projects as it was good time for goats as they keep healthy because of green pasture everywhere.

There were some families in my mind where I should give chickens. But for this purpose when I visited very remote village very far, close to jungle

on very uncomfortable road which really put my motorcycle on task to take us safely to meet Mrs. Deepali 23 years of age (girl or woman?) with two sweet girls  2 and 3 years of age.

Seeing them and their living conditions my spirit and of course spirit of God encourage me to help them first.

Mrs. Deepal is pure uneducated unable to make solid good decisions for herself and now for her daughters. She was unable to attend school because of her parent’s poverty. She started working with her mother at young age which she doesn’t know exactly. So finally at the age of 18 she has to get marry with poor boy who is also not well educated to get any kind of job so he works as a labor in farm activities. I realized that both of these girls not getting proper healthy diet and I told them about gift of chickens. The news itself was sufficient to see the joy on their stressful faces.

For this family I chose well-matured hens that are laying eggs already as they want it immediately. On 17th February I delivered 6 chickens to them. Really there is no happiness other than seeing these joyful faces of great hope and satisfaction. They know the value of this precious gift which will going to add good proteins in their daughter’s daily diet. Mr. Deepal also very happy to have their own chickens. He is a good person, hard worker and always very enthusiastic to learn new things. He is always very happy to attend our fellowship at Raju’s house.

Mrs. Deepal served us black tea with lots of sugar to show their love, Mr. Loren understands it very well as he experienced it in one of the village what good tea really means. (Loren took tea to a tribal village so he could drink with the villagers, and was told it was no good because it didn’t have enough sugar.) It was really very hard for me to drink it but I drank half of it thinking in my mind that now I will skip my two days’ tea in my home. But anyway I was very happy in my heart that henceforth these two sweet girls were going to get protein rich diet every day and it will help them to grow healthy.

I am really thankful to God once again that He enabled us to bring happiness in one more family through His loving people.  Thank you very much God bless you abundantly and use you more for spreading His love in many more lives and families like Deepal.”

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