Apr 26, 2017 | featured, Staff

                       Nagesh, our Business Manager wrote this report:
“I am very much delighted to share what the Lord has done today.
As you know that there was Inspection team coming on April 17, 2017. Our teachers did all the necessary paper works and every thing was ready for the Inspection for Refrigeration and Welding Trade. But unfortunately none of them came for the Inspection. Last year they had given us date for the Inspection or our Institute but they did not come.
Today around 12:30 pm call from the Governments office saying that they want to come for the Inspection right now. We are already having governments exams going on in our Institute for the Computer, Electrician and all the RGI courses. Few Governments teachers were already in our Campus for conducting Exam for our Students. All of our teachers were busy. I just requested inspector if he can come tomorrow since we were busy in Exams. But then he had some other Inspection to be done in next few weeks. So finally we had to send one of our teachers with Mr. Premdas to bring them to our Campus for the Inspection.
They came around 1 o clock in our Campus. We offered them cold drinks and then they wanted to see our Infrastructure. We told them that this Institute is basically working for the Orphans, Marginalized, needy and poorest of the poor youths. All of us are driven to help them to stand on their own feet. And told how this Institute has helped countless youths in India.  After looking at the building and they went to Trade Centre for the Inspection. They asked students their stories and also Inspected class asking them questions. They also wanted to see girls Institute and see what we do for girls in India. After Trade and RGI Inspection I asked them to join us for the Lunch. After Lunch they wanted to see all the trade related papers. Our teachers had done perfect work of keeping all the records. They were very much impressed by what we do for the poor students of India. They have not seen such place doing such encouraging work. They were very much moved and touched by what we are doing. After 3 o clock they went. They checked all the records and their remark was ” Excellent and Very Good”.
I thank God for everything went very well. Our teachers has done very good job of presenting their classes and also documents for the Inspection. I also tried my best to give all the wonderful and mind-mindbogglingly information of our Institute. Finally I praise GOD for this ministry.”
Of course when all this happened the General Director was gone so Nagesh had to take over. We are so pleased that he stepped up to the plate and did such a magnificent job.
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