Two and then there were Four

May 13, 2017 | Vet-Med Outreach



“Poor soil, poor rain and poor yields becoming threats to many poor farmers and other villagers. Many times because of these economical conditions is hampered heavily to normal life of these poor village families, which results in avoiding old people in the family. There are many old couples in villages who experiencing this situation because of insufficient income in the family, which really makes their lives very miserable.

Mr. Sudhakar 55 years of age and his wife 50 years of age experiencing the same situation now a days. (We don’t think of ourselves as OLD at 50) Whole of their life they spend as a laborers and today when they are old and unable to work they find very, very difficult to live a normal life as Mr. Sudhakar is not keeping well and unable to work.  His wife somehow works as a labor but not make enough to meet all their needs.

I know this couple since last many years as they used to live close by to our Self- Reliant Training Centre. They were full of energy, kind-hearted and always ready to help us at any level of work. Really they were great help to us every year in our one-month training program every year. But when I met them again in January 2017 and saw their condition I felt need of help to this couple to give them an opportunity to achieve better live hood.  So I prayerfully decided that the goat keeping will be the best help for them to get something extra money in their inadequate financial situation.


So I decide in April and I delivered two goats one pregnant female and another male goat as they don’t have good male around their neighbor houses. I am very glad because I can see the glimpse of that joyful moments every time we help these families. So today also I get that experience seeing joyful faces of this couple.


I am so thankful to God for His provision through His caring people.  Because of your love and care Vet Med can bring hope to many lives through such goat projects. Very soon female goat will give birth to another two kids and life-changing process will start for better in this family.


I know the value of strengthening this family and maintaining Christ’s love values not only for this family but for the entire village, nation and for the Kingdom of God.

May the Joy and peace of our Resurrected Lord be with this family and with you all who have been a great source of great encouragement as you sincerely pray for us and support us to serve the Lord where there is great need to show His love and care.’

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