Goats for Jugani and Roshan

Jun 16, 2018 | Vet-Med Outreach

Dr. Suresh has another great report:

“Jugani Pawar, the changed name of Jugani Marwadi after marriage.

(This is the tribal wedding Loren and I attended in January when we were in India.)

This 20-year-old Pardhi young girl desperate to start new life with her husband Roshan. . Part of her condition of marriage was he needed new business other than wine making.  The change took place as she was continually taught by her brother Vasentha. Also then she attended the self-reliant training in 2015-16. She learned about goat keeping which she found very good for her self-reliant life in future. She also got training in Starting Point. So then she decided to marry a young man who will not drink and make wine.

As I gave her good news about gifting two female goats she was very, very happy and take it as a blessing from God loving people. In April I call her to take her female goats she requested to me that she want to bring her husband Roshan, 24 years old young man to attend this year ongoing self-reliant training just to give him the professional importance and its economics.  So they both attended last few days with us.
On 9th of this month the man delivered the two pregnant females and then I gave it to Jugani at my home. They have to transport it to their village 70 Km from Nagpur.  We arranged 5-wheeler auto for this and will be transporting to her village.
Both of them were very happy specially Roshan and thankfully he said to me that “I am very happy and I don’t have word to say thank you for everything we done for them. He made place in their tiny hut for the goats.
He continued that, ‘First of all I am very happy to got very beautiful wife and I thank God for her brother Vasentha as he taught her many good things which really changed her whole life. It seems she is no more a Pardhi girl as everybody in my village impressed by her behavior.’
He added that, ‘I am also thankful to people like you who are helping people like us. We never sure where our next meal would come from as life was very hard and we have to struggle to find ways to feed our family.  But now I got the way through this goat and I am sure this will give us enough money to start our new life.  I am really thankful once again for this wonderful gift.’
I very happy that Loren and Sylvia advise me to give one of the projects to Jugani as they noticed need in her life.  (I simply asked how on earth were these two young people going to live if they had NO source of income.?) I trust this gift can create a positive widespread change in the life of Jugani and Roshan.  This small gift will give confident, food and income to start their newly married life. Although this is a small gift but it can create a huge change in their life.
I am thankful God for His provision to help needy people like Jugani and Roshan. “
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