Seeing the Results

Feb 5, 2019 | Vet-Med Outreach

Loren and I love to visit the recipients of the gifts you all have enabled Prakash and Vet-Med to give. We took a day to visit several villages to see how those who benefited from the gifts were doing.

Well this little one is in his God clothes. His Daddy is actually prospering with a nice herd of goats after having attended Self-Reliant training and being gifted a pair of goats a couple of years ago.

In the Pardhi village that was the featured village of my book, they were getting ready for our visit. I can’t really explain what a change it is to see them even trying to comb their hair. They had NEVER had a bath or a haircut until Dr. Suresh started working in their village.


Little Connor (named after my grandson) can say the English ABC’s. His parents have a herd of goats that keep the family’s diet healthy.

This lady is wanting to come to RGI and learn to sew well enough to be a teacher for the ladies of the village. We will have to research this project some more.

The Chief arrives and now we get the American hug. Vasentha started this tradition. Get my book, They Call Me Sir and find out more about this tribe.

Popcorn anyone???? At least it is delivered to the door.


About three years ago Dr. Suresh asked me to speak to a group of women that we getting government help to start a co-op. They also wanted healthy eating courses. But during the six week course, one of the lady’s son drown. She of course, was devastated.

Having just experienced our grandson Connor’s death, he thought I might be able to bring some comfort and present how Jesus helped me and our family. It was a phenomenal experience. I told them that I was a hugger, so after my talk each one came forward for her hug. They have asked for me to visit again. Only a few could make it but each one got a hug.

Then we visited the “Hotel” of a lady who was gifted goats about four years ago. She has put her son through school and now has opened a hotel . . . actually a tea stall with snacks. An amazing change for her and her lifestyle.

Because you gave, these lives have been dramatically changed. 
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