Chicken Gifting

Feb 8, 2019 | Vet-Med Outreach

Dr. Suresh’s report:

“When I was searching for chickens I visited Ashtikala and inquire to Mr. Dilip for it, he himself started telling me the needful women for this. He is a Police patil and visiting surrounding villages for his work and keep good records for social work. He is very good volunteer of Vet Med since last 10 years.

So we visited two women in two different villages which I found that both of them are really in need for some kind of small help. Specially I think about the school going children and the need of balanced diet. So I decided to give this project to them.

Chicken Project: 2019 – 1

Mrs. Gopal, living in a village Lonara and having two school going children and her economical condition is not well enough to provide very balanced diet to her family and specially to her children.
We gave her 12 chicken, 10 hens and 2 cocks.
Mrs. Gopal was very happy to have such wonderful gift for her family. She very well understands the value of the gift and the result of this loving gift. She was very much thankful to us for this.

Chicken Project: 2019- 2

Mrs. Kavita the another woman from the village Khapari. Her economical condition is also not very good to take extra care of her school going children’s diet.
So she got 10 chicken, 8 hens and 2 cocks. 
But one hen already has 8 chicks with her and the farmer want to give it for the woman for this social cause.

I am very much sure that both of these two project will change the lives of two family members and specially the children of these families. They will get good balanced diet and some extra money also. I told both of them the reason for giving them these project and also share purpose of Jesus and His love for mankind.

I am really heartily thankful to our friends who generously help us to help these families and gave us opportunity to share the love of God with them. May God bless you in this new year.”

          You gave so we could give these gifts.

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