India Oh, India

Feb 8, 2019 | India

Loren and I have been busy since our coming with preparations for guests who will arrive later and the planning of Prakash 4 India’s 45th anniversary celebration. Loren is trying to teach early planning is beneficial to a great program. Plus he is always alert to what is happening on campus. Here he is out inspecting the Tur Dal harvest.

One afternoon we were ready to leave for town and a meeting with the logo designer when the door to the Lobby wouldn’t open. I tried and tried and finally found the reason for the difficulty . . . papers had been jammed in the door handles.
I asked Nagesh, “Are these important?” Oh, yes Nani, very important, they are the electrical bills I have been waiting for.” LOL. Sure glad I didn’t just throw them away. Loren then got in the car and the seat was not locked. Oh well, we are in India.
I had forgotten just how congested Nagpur is. Every day hundred more are moving into the area. The government has started a huge Metro line project.

Oh, of course, it is right in the middle of the city. Traffic is HORRIBLE. But in India you just drive around all the working equipment. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Shopping is always a big part of our weekly activities. One of our guests asked me to get her a sari, so it was fun to go to the shops and find a gorgeous sari for her.

Also there is always veggie and fruit shopping. Every thing is in a different location. No super markets here.
It is really exciting to see the RGI girls (my special love) and the transformation taking place in their lives. I had a neat Q&A time with them and was impressed to also see we have three alumni teachers. That is what Prakash is all about.
Then . . . Moses reports for us:
“Since yesterday evening we had no power, no water and since it was getting dark couldn’t find out why there is no electricity.
Today morning when the technician crew came to our campus and inspected the entire campus, after long time they found out that there is a BAT hanging on two live wires.
  (24′ X 12″)
Thankfully we have a generator but sill no water. Thanks to all the technicians for their faithful and prompt services. It was only a day and a half.”
Then there are the bees. Of course, they have to congregate right above the door to our room. It has been a continual problem since we arrived. Haven’t gotten stung YET.
Oh a happy note, Savita, a friend from our extended Hindu family (Ashok’s wife) invited us out for a movie and dinner. (Grilled right at the table.)
I just can’t get my mind around the contrasts of India . . . Poverty beyond belief and astonishing wealth.
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