Congrants, Dr. Shini

Feb 12, 2019 | India


Knock, knock on our door. . . . Shini is there all excited. She had just been informed that her college graduation was to take place in an hour. Oh, India!!! There was no planning just that now was the time. Something about the new moon and the president’s superstition had delayed the ceremony for a few days. Well of course, we would drop everything to be there. She had gotten special permission for us to attend. Shini is like another granddaughter. We have know her all her life.
As we arrived at the college we were granted permission we drive on campus and directed to a reception area. Our expectations were that we would attend this event incognito. Well guess again. First a gentleman comes to Loren and wants to know our names and where we are from.

This doctor is the one who makes sure all our students get a dental exam each year. It was a joy to meet and thank him.
I recognized another man but could not place him. Later in the program I realized he is the dentist I have used a couple of time while here in India. He is now the Dean of the College.
Then we were ushered to the front row seats in the President’s address to the graduating students. Every so often he would talk directly to us.  
To our amazement most of the conversations between he and the students was done in English. At the end of this session we were again ushered to another building and the front row, where the actual graduation would take place.
Again, Loren was introduced as Dr. Loren Eckhardt and me as Dr. Sylvia from America. LOL Out of the 100 students three-fourths were girls.
We were extremely delighted to see Dr. Shini walk across the stage and receive her doctorate of dentistry.
As is the custom, we had to go and have tea, (actually coke) after the program.
Dr. Suresh and Nupi are very proud parents. They never paid “under the table” which is the norm in India, for their daughter to attend the college. It is a legacy of Prakash and a heritage of high standards and education.
What we thought would be a two-hour event turned into four hours, but every minute was worth it.
                             A BIG SHOUT OUT TO DR. SHINI!
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