God Knew We Needed Encouragement

Sep 2, 2019 | Vet-Med Outreach

An amazing story of encouragement for the Prakash work in India.
Dr. Suresh again has a heartwarming story.

“When the Government men came to inspect my work, they told me I had to work in more than just one tribal village. So I prayed God would show me where to go.


I am thankful to God for being with us through out last month and helped us in carrying out our day-to-day activities smoothly. In the last month along with all our activities God helped us in one more self-reliant training for new tribe “Gond” in the village on the way to Nadagomukh and close to jungle.

In this village 40% people are from Gond tribe and living in very primitive condition. We arranged one-week self-reliant training for them as they don’t have any other option for extra income as everybody works as a labor for others.
There were 12 women regularly and by heart learn about goat and its management. These people have strong spiritual faith and worshiping many gods. They believe that all creation has god’s spirit and therefore they worship number of deities with sacrifices. They have their spiritual leader called “Devari” who is like a priest. First time I came to know deeply about them through this training.
In this training all women were very happy and enthusiastic, every day they were on time, which really encouraged me to teach them happily. I taught them how to take care of goat, care in pregnancy, care at the time of parturition, importance of vaccination and first-aid.  Now they sufficient knowledge and courage to start goat keeping as secondary business to enhance their economical condition.
Among these women we met Mrs. Rangubai and she recently shifted in this village from Nandagomukh.

One day she asked me that whether I am a Christian person and when I told her that yes I am a Christian person then she shared her testimony with me that how she accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour and baptized at Nandagomukh fellowship church. (This Prakash property has not been very successful, but if this one lady came to know the Lord there . . . it is worth it. God knew we needed this encouragement.) On last day she invited me and Nupi to visit her house and pray for her.  She was very happy that I am also working in Nandagomukh. After praying she again told to other ladies how wonderful Jesus is and how He protecting her in her day to day life activities and in physical condition.
We saw that all her house was watery and there was no dry place in her house as rain water dripping all over.  Even she is sleeping on wet ground which is very unhealthy for her age.
We feel the need of 12 sheets to put on her house so that rain water shouldn’t drip. This will really make her life better. Please join with us in prayer for this need. (Loren made him make a list of all the supplies needed to roof the hut. It took about three emails to get a final price. They always forget things like installation and delivery when they give us a quote. Anyway it will be about $20 per sheet INSTALLED. If you would like to help this little lady it would be greatly appreciated. )
These women want to continue this fellowship once a week and we are also prayerfully planning for it. “
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