I Love This Success Story

Jan 5, 2020 | Ruth Girls Institute

“I am Sunita, I live in Nagpur a slum very close to RGI.  

I am 20 years old. I have a father, mother, brother and four sisters. My four sisters are already married. They live close to us. Coming from a large family I was always surrounded with many people. I love to talk, and be naughty at times.   My father does not contribute in any way in the family, if he ever makes any money; he spends it mostly on his liquor. He does not behave well with us. My mother worked as house help to make the ends meet. But sometime ago she feels too sick and had to have a kidney surgery done and is not healthy enough to continue her work. She now has some goats that she takes care of to meet the needs of the family and she is also saving little, little money for my marriage. After my twelfth class I discontinued my studies and stayed at home to help my mother. My family attends a church in Nagpur, a church member from that church who knows the condition of my family told me about Prakash and RGI. She helped me to fill the forms and do all the formalities for the admission of my brother in PBI and me in RGI. We had no funds to pay the fees, but I prayed hard and God provided our needs and helped us. Before coming to RGI I was a very cranky person, I did not speak without being angry with any one. I did go to church but my relationship with my Saviour was not close and my prayer life was not consistent. After coming to RGI, the first few days of my life were very difficult, I had never stayed away from my family and everyone was new for me and I thought of going back home. But slowly I got used to my new life and started living happily. I had chores to do like never before in my life.

Playing with my new friends and singing at program are fun new things for me. I got first sweater of my life. 

   I get to be a part of Starting Point class in RGI. I got to learn many new things through it. Many stories of people that I did not know before. I did not spend time with God regularly before coming to RGI but I realized though Starting Point that God has done so much for me He has provided my needs miraculously, I should spend time with Him as an act of thankfulness, now I do it regularly, my relationship with Him has deepened and I know He loves me as a father. He loves me very much and therefore He chose me to come to RGI so that I could develop a closer relationship with Him here. I realized that God has a purpose for my life and He is working in my life even though I don’t realize it. He wants to fulfill His will in my life. Now the purpose of my life is to glorify Him through my life and nothing else. It is my desire to complete my Pre- School Teacher’s Training and become a good teacher. Also, I want to become a faithful and respectable child of God.

 I love the fact that all students in RGI are required to comb their hair same for classes and wear uniform that makes us all look alike.

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