Jan 12, 2020 | Vet-Med Outreach

WHOOPEEE!!! YES, YES YOU DID IT! We reached our goal presented to you all in the Christmas brochure. We will be making new beds for RGI, buying more goats and chickens, refurbishing the PBI toilets and bath facilities. Also the students love their new sweaters. Thank you, Thank you. 

Dr. Suresh wrote this sweet account of the first of the 2020 goat gifting.”It really gave me joy to help Seemabai a 52 years old widow from Dhapur village.

Her husband died 13 years back in a accident where he fall down from tree and died.  Since then Seemabai alone trying to keep her family under the roof.

Our volunteer introduced me with her and his friends in that village requested to him about her that she needs help in her stressful life.

  I really give glory and honor to God that people knows us as a God’s people spreading love and taking care of distress people around us. This type of loving care really opens door for me to build a Christian relationship with unknown people in community. Dhapur is new to me but hope this goat project will pave the road for me to interact with this new village to tell them about the true Savior of the world and His love for all humankind.We start 2020 goat gifting we bought two female goats and delivered to Seemabai. It was joy to see the happiness and hope on the face of Seemabai.  Everybody present there really appreciated our help to her and one of the elder said that ‘God bless you for such a wonderful care.’

  I trust and hope that these two goats will bring huge change in the life of Seemabai and her family.I am thankful to all the friends who stand with us and made this possible to help Seemabai and her family. ”

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