Jan 21, 2020 | Ruth Girls Institute

We are so glad that we took time in Mumbai to get adjusted to the time change. Things started with a bang on Monday morning . . . literally. Premdas set off a “cracker” (a large cherry bomb) right outside our window. I thought we were being invaded. They do this to chase off the monkeys. Every morning we meet with the Executive staff for prayer and teaching. Loren has some wonderful insight to share with these dear people. 

Not at all on our list, but necessary is the painting of the stairwell. Thankfully, we have some extra funds for the project.  

 On Wednesday we were walking over to Chapel time and saw five cows enjoying the tall grass (due to extremely rainy season) on our campus. The security guard was TRYING to run them off. I understand this is a daily occurrence. Notice the air quality . . . very bad. Also we are noticing the high humidity. In Montana there is hardly any so we are noticing it more now, but does help  the beautiful flowers to grow.                    

  The chapel time was so fun to watch. The students love the music time and enjoy the “action songs ” the most.

They gave us a sweet WEL-COME and had Loren speak a little. I had kind of forgotten how crowded Nagpur is.                        

 We were out doing some shopping. You have to go to a different place for each item,

aka fruit stand, bread shop, veggie market, nibbles, etc. Of course, ice cream is also often on the agenda. It is a way to give the driver a treat. So we are back in the car after ice cream and low in behold the car won’t start. Premdas the driver, tries everything.  

After about 20 minutes we call Ashok, whose office is near-by to come and get us. Later, we were picked up by Prakash staff, and find out it was a fuse problem. Wellllllllllll that was only the beginning. Loren found that four of the fuses had been hot -wired. Needless to say he was not a happy camper. The worse thing is that the car had just come out of the dealer ‘s repair shop for a COMPLETE check up. It has been a great teaching lesson on maintenance. Yesterday, I did one of my favorite things and had a Q&A time with the RGI girls. They asked tons of questions and are so cute. Most of them want to know WHY we come to India. “It is because we love YOU,” is my answer.                    

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