Life is Never Normal in India

Jan 31, 2020 | Prakash Boys Institute

There have been so many unplanned events in the last few days. The state of Maharashtra had a forced shut down of all shops, trains, buses and banks. Of course, it was the day we had PLANNED to have the septic tanks pumped to start the new toilet project for PBI. The tanker made one trip and then was stopped so a man was hired to empty the rest by the bucket full. Don’t think there is enough money for me to do the job. He seemed to just be happy to have a job. 

 Wish I could put a real scratch and smell patch in this Journal. LOL                                                            India had their Republic Day and the RGI girls made badges for each staff member in the Indian flag colors. Sunil proudly shows his.                                                         

The PBI students REALLY wanting to play cricket so they were given permission IF they would first mow the playing field, “Indian style.”  

We received notice that one of our staff members wife was admitted to the hospital and also that Ashok (our friend the architect) had a stroke and was in another hospital. So off to find flowers and do visitation. One of my fervent prayers is that I NEVER have to be admitted to an Indian hospital. You have to bring your own sheets, and blankets and food. Even the meds must be bought by you and brought to the hospital.  

There were many visitors at each hospital and we waited our turn. We found out that the NORMAL gift was a coconut or apples. Soooo our flowers were the only ones. As you can see we need yours prayers.  Afternoon tea with staff is a treat. I always drink a ton more tea in India than at home, but it is a sweet time of fellowship and teaching.  

There have been many meeting about finding and getting the toilet project construction started. The multiple protest marches against the new CAA law have interrupted the process. Loren needed a rest on our new chairs on the veranda outside our room.                                       

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