So Many Activities

Feb 6, 2020 | Prakash Boys Institute

There are so many things going on here at Prakash. We HAD to show up at the first birthday party for Clara.                  

Her dad is one of our maintenance staff and driver. The party was for the kids and then adults came all evening long for food. (Actually, the only reason they really show up.) The first birthday is usually when the child is named and is a BIG deal. Many children do not live till their first birthday. Sunday morning we attended Moses’s gathering. They can no longer call it a House Church.

The new government ruling is that a “Church” must be registered with the government and can only meet in a building used ONLY for the purpose of worship. Not unlike a Hindu temple. God can only come to that place. Spies are showing up at Houses Churches and arresting the pastor and shutting the services down. We need to pray that Our Lord will prevail. It is an education for these congregations to use the right verbiage . . . gathering, prayer service, fellowship.

We were welcomed with flowers and cokes.                              

                                  Later that day we went to the Ribbon Cutting of Dr. Shini’s new dental clinic.                                   

Remember last year we attended her graduation. She is the only one in her class to have opened her own clinic.   

       (Rangoli made by an RGI teacher)                        

 We are so very proud of her. I am so glad we were here to be able to see the festivities. I held her in my arms as a baby. Time really flies. I pretended to be her first patient.  

So many people attended that it brought tears to Shini. She was overwhelmed. She said she was serving only snacks. Doesn’t look like a snack to me.                                                           

Also we met several Prakash alumni and it was so good to connect with them and see how they are progressing in life. All of them praised Prakash for their station in life now.  

Of course, Loren is engulfed with TOILETS. The project is getting bigger and bigger. This project was to be half way done by now in our American thinking.                                         

 He found that the plans of the present building measured and drawn by a professional had missed three feet of the building, one toilet and one bath . . . hard to believe. Then HE was measuring and found that the dirt on the outside of the building was 17 inches taller than the floor of the building. No wonder there was a flow to septic problem.  

(Loren scratching his head trying to to figure out the mess. )
We now have a crew removing the dirt. Oh my, what that has revealed.                   

This lady will work like this all day for five dollars a day and she can smile. A day of rain was good for the air but bad for construction work.

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