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Feb 18, 2020 | Ruth Girls Institute

I thought I would share some of the pictures of the RGI girls. I will try to do the same for the PBI boys later. I love seeing the change in these young girls’ lives after only a few months at RGI. They even walk with more security and self-confidence. (you make this happen by your monthly support.) I went to several of their classes just to give you all a flavor of their environment. 

(Not all the girls like to sit at a desk, lol)
They wanted us to see how they loved their roses. Nupi sent this picture.                                      

The girls have no hired regular maintains people. They care for all the cleaning themselves. They have such pride in “their school,” Also it gives them wonderful training in how to maintain a clean home. They even make their own glass cleaner and floor cleaning products. Also they maintain their own kitchen garden.   

We were invited to have lunch at RGI today. They are so darling and very organized with their serving and clean up. It was a great egg curry lunch.                                           

We are loving the progress of the TOILET PROJECT. Some of the tiles arrived today along with sand and gravel. Sure glad the hammering is at the other end of the building. It is VERY loud.

Please pray that we don’t have an outbreak of the Coronavirus. We have three staff and one PBI student with fever and vomiting today.

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