Village Trip

Feb 21, 2020 | Vet-Med Outreach

 Yesterday we traveled to Vasentha’s village. (He is the young man about whom I wrote the book “They Call Me Sir.”   (Click to order transformation in the village is awesome. We never know that when we, do for one what we wish we could do for all, how God will multiply it for many. We traveled with Dr. Suresh in his car because our new driver was ill. When Loren was getting money out to pay at the toll bridge, Dr. Suresh said, “Papi we have Fast Track and do not have to pay. It is like America.” Well, we waited and waited and when we got to the gate it would not work. Finally a man came out with a scanner and tried five times to get scanner to work. Eventually, the gate lifted. Just likeAmerica . . . I don’t think so.  

Upon arriving at the village, Vasentha’s sister (who I wrote about in the book) came and gave me a big hug.                

Not at all a custom of the tribe. She had even given her little boy a bath, again a custom that was not the norm before Vasentha.

 His brother wanted us to see how nice he is keeping his motorcycle.  

  The Chief had cleaned up in front of his house and had plastic chairs for us. He also was taking a bath when we arrived. I’m in awe at how that has changed. They have NEVER taken a bath before Dr. Suresh taught Vasentha lessons in hygiene.  

 (One daughter fixing lunch) We of course, had to see the Chief’s new baby boy. (His 12th child.) He had requested that we come and pray for the little baby, who had just had a major operation for a kink in his bowel.

 Loren prayed for peace and protection and that God would work in their lives. The Chief is a real “seeker” and now said he will have peace. Because it was another of the multitude of holidays in India, the kids were at home, so they did a little singing for us.

Connor, (I named him after my grandson) sang his ABC’s for us. Also he gave me a shy hug. His parents have finally given permission for us to admit him into Boy’s Christian Home hostel to continue his education.  

We had brought tea with us and had enough to give all the kids some too. (No visit to any home is thought to be official without tea) The “use and throw” cups were thrown on the ground until Dr. Suresh made all the kids pick them up.                                         

I don’t think I would feel I had been to India without a visit to this village. It is wonderful to see God working there. Thirty-five kids now go to school, when before Vasentha not one child had EVER been to school. Back to Prakash through the Fast Track that took 40 minutes ONLY. Dr. Suresh said, “Well, maybe not so much like America.”

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