Our Covid-19 Report

Mar 20, 2020 | Prakash Boys Institute, Ruth Girls Institute, Vet-Med Outreach

 As of Monday Prakash’s institutes have been shut down till March 31. The government gave us one day to have all students sent home or to wherever they live . . . orphanages etc. The government said they would fine the schools 500 rupees per day per student if this order were not implemented. (Think of rupees as dollars.) Our staff did an extraordinary job getting students on trains and buses. Nupi had to take four girls home because there was not a bus to their area that day. It would have been ten times safer for our students to stay on our campuses, but we had to obey the orders. Our staff is continuing to do their jobs. There has been a tremendous amount of paper work because of this order. Also the workers are continuing to work on the toilet project.

On a lighter note, the ministers of India are suggesting that every Indian citizen drink cow urine and eat a small amount of cow dung everyday to prevent the Covid-19 virus. UGGGGGG !!! 
Today we received an URGENT plea from Dr. Suresh for extra funds. Here are his words: “Today Chief of Vasentha’s village called me that he want to talk to me.

I surprised to listen what he actually suggested and requested to Vet-Med to help his village with sanitation facilities and disinfection of goat houses. Corona is a big fear right now in every village and they have their own thinking on that. I really surprised what Chief said and also the headmaster of Veggie Tale village also requested me for something at this crucial time of outbreak. I really want to respect their opinion and do something for the villages we work. I really want to do.1)   Disinfect the goat houses at least where we gifted goat projects.2)   Provide sanitation facilities for at least 15 villages where Vet-Med is actively working. There are other Social Health Organizations also helping villages but none of organization working for animals. This is urgent need and we need to show them that YES we are there with them in this crucial time. So Please I need your help” We really have no idea what the expense will be but, Dr. Suresh guessed it would be around 30500 rupees. Approximately $550. We are sending funds today on faith that you all will step up and help us with this need. Please continue to pray for all the ministries of Prakash for India. Thanking you in advance for your help. 

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