A Picture Says It All

Apr 3, 2020 | India

I think this one picture says it all. (It is very difficult to get an Indian to smile when you are taking their picture. A cultural thing.)

Dr. Suresh sent another update: “After last food packages distribution I thought that it is finished now. But our neighobors, friends and some businessmen again brought rice, dal, salt, chili powder and turmeric and almost in same quantity we got this material once again. Our team once again came together to put all these thing in one bag.

When I was praying and thinking from where to start I got request from Raju one of our ex self-Reliant student and now help us as a volunteer in his area. So finally we started with all villages where we have goat projects and other activities. There were families and some old couples who really praying only for getting help for food.  When they saw me with the bag of food things their worried faces turn in happy faces.  

I fill my car with all the bags. The villages we distributed food packages are five. Almost 24 families got help through this.  

Thank you for your prayers and moral support.  It really help us and keep us safe in this infected atmosphere.”

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